Apr. 2021code breakdown

Head Heat Hero Pygame

This amusing game was a backend project written in Python. Become and hero and defeat the villians in order to become Head Heat.

Technologies used: Python

May. 2021 code breakdown

enCrypto News

More people are interested in keeping abreast with cryptocurrency events. enCrypto News is designed just for this. enCrypto was a front end team project.

Technologies used: Javascript, HTML, CSS, API Calls, Postman & Photoshop

Apr. 2021 code breakdown

Fire Rock Grill

Fire Rock Grill webpage was a front end project with the objective of creating a simple mock resturant page. Since I LOVE steak I decided to make mine a steakhouse webpage. Technologies used: HTML, CSS and Photoshop

Not A One Trick Pony

What I Do

Web Development

Full Stck from top to bottom. I can get it done.

UI/UX Design

I have an eye for UI/UX. Maybe "U&I" should work together :)

Graphic Design & Marketing

Using Adobe Photoshop I can bring your ideas to life.

Graphic Design & Marketing

Previous Projects

Newspaper Ads: Carey Paul Honda

Advertising Design

xChange Program: Carey Paul Honda

Business Development & Marketing Design

Brochure Creations: Access Construction Equipment

Marketing & Business Development Design

Brochure Creations: Atlanta Ultrasonic Blinds

Marketing & Business Development Design

eBlast Coupons: Carey Paul Honda

Marketing & Business Development Design

Brochures & Logos: Quick Bites

Marketing & Business Development Design